Friday, July 18, 2008

Squid School Checklist

Here is a list of information that you should gather together when you decide to put a lens together. One step at a time. You'll see that many of you will already have this info available and some of this may not apply to you.

1) Begin thinking of an introduction.
A good place to start is you profile on Etsy....doesn't have to be long. You can do what you like.

2) A picture to represent you.... your Etsy avatar can be used here as well.

3) Have your Etsy address handy

4) Have your blog address handy

5) If you have a Flickr account, have that address available

6) If you have a twitter address, we can use that too

7) Have our team blog address

8) If you subscribe to your user name available

9) If you want to add a Poll to your lens you can begin to think about what the topic might be.... this will increase interest an may bring visitors back again. For example I've used :
What metal is your favorite jewelry made from?
All of the above
If you think of a good topic that would apply to your work, you can get some useful information that you can act on!

All for now!


ChezChani said...

Okey dokey, gotta do some homework. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow---thanks for sharing these tips! It's wonderful to find so may people willing to share their knowledge! I'll be working on one of these soon, I know.

Teri B

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