Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter in New England, eSMArts Team update and new earrings for Christmas

Ok, I am a life long New Englander..born and raised in Rhode Island. Snow should be no big deal...right? I'm already sick of it.... This pic was taken on Friday afternoon. The storm started out about 2pm and quickly progressed. We really didn't have the howling winds that are usually associated with these storms but none the less it packed a punch. It snowed all day Saturday...tapered of Saturday night and right back at it come Sunday.

Are you cold yet just looking at these... yes, it does look lovely....yes even Christmassy

Try shoveling!

Moving on.... given the seasonal rush is subsiding our attention turns to Valentines Day. Yes... already. We are all working on our creations to get our Etsy stores stocked with those special "I love you" gifts. Keep a look out for them coming soon. During this time as the new year fast approaches, we are also in the midst of reorganizing our team. New minimum requirements are being established... all good stuff that will make us more effective with our Marketing initiatives both on line and off. I'm looking forward to seeing us progress this year and become stronger as a team. I want to extend a sincere congratulations to Jamie Elliot of Creations by JAE who is our new Marketing Manager and Membership Coordinator and Helene Turnbull of Glass0Beads who will be serving as our Editor-in-Chief and our Website Manager. Good luck to you both in your new roles with eSMArts!

What to give a special friend (and hair stylist) yes.... very important person!! Johna is a great friend and I wanted to do something a little different for her. Her birthday is in February so incorporated some lovely amethyst faceted rounds at the center and crocheted from sterling silver the outside of these earrings. I'll have to make a few more for the store! I hope she likes them.

One more pic for you:



The Beading Gem said...

That same storm reached us in Nova Scotia Canada by Sunday. We had terrible gusts of winds too and lost power for a short while. Others are not so lucky as they may not get power back until Tuesday. Stay warm and have a good Christmas!

KimberlyRies said...

Love the crocheted earrings. I want to try that some day.

Happy Holidays to you Diane!


Anonymous said...

Diane, your talent is always surprising me and you've done it again! Those open crochet earrings are lovely! They are large, but still look delicate and feminine. Great design!

Jamie said...

Brrrr that does look cold! Just hope it stays for Christmas and not a day longer! ;)

Thank you for the congratulations! No one is congratulating you! So congrats to you too! :P

Creations by JAE

dentedhalo said...

All right, when I see snow photos like this I swear I'll never complain about being cold in KY again! LOL, I sort of miss the snow once in a while, but then I come to my senses! :) The earrings for your hairdresser are gorgeous, I really hope she enjoys!


Studio618 said...

Diane, your work is lovely, as always. Yep, after living in NY for 3 years, I might be able to enjoy the snow - for ONE day, only. Have a very Merry Christmas.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

I'm so glad we don't get snow where I live Diane. BRRRRRRRR. Love the earring gorgeous but I know what you are saying about being sick of grey skies and winter. I am not a winter person and never will be.
Merry Christmas and happy new year
Love Liz

Miriam said...

LOL at your snow comments. I can relate since I'm from Philadelphia. Sure it looks lovely, but shoveling - grrr..

Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. Your blog is great and I'll be a regular visitor :)


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