Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Special awards, A question to ponder and our Hidden Santa Event


Thank you Mary Anne!!


What items of interest spark your desire to collect and create jewelry?

I am an eclectic Aquarian.... let’s start right there!  I love the “odd and unusual”, but take comfort in the “tried and true”. My collection of jewelry and gemstones began with the former. As a little girl, I can recall having a shoebox at my Nana's house that accommodated all my "treasures". A wonderful golden topaz stone is an item that stands out in my memory. Of course it was a rhinestone, but to me it was a thing of wonder. How it sparkled in the sunlight. I never did outgrow the amazement derived from the glitter of light through a faceted gem that breaks into a wonderful rainbow across the room! I now have a studio instead of a shoebox that houses all my treasures, including those that I create.

Items from Ireland and religious symbols resonate with me due to my heritage. My great grandmother hailed from Ireland. I grew up directly across the street from the Catholic Church I attended as a child, St. James, so all those things play into my “tried and true” category.  One of my favorite items to make is a Keepsake Rosary. I love the link this makes between family and religion. Birthstone colors from all family members are employed in creating this one of a kind family heirloom piece. I take custom orders for these on my website, at Etsy and on ArtFire.  The Irish in me loves Celtic knots, Trees of life, spirals and weaves, in addition to chainmaille- again, all can be found on my website, at Etsy and on ArtFire.

As of late, my focus is on that of mixed metals. I have begun fashioning my own copper pieces using different hammers for textures, letter stamping, hole punching and lots of filing. I have incorporated patinas using liver of sulfur giving the pieces an old or antique feel to them. Speaking of antique I do collect and sell vintage rhinestone and costume jewelry. You can find those here at Bonanzle.

As with any of my designs, gemstones are an integral part. A sprinkle here and there, while others have a bold focal piece. So many gemstones…..so little time!

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What items of interest spark your desire to collect and create jewelry??



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