Sunday, November 30, 2008

How much fun was this...RI seaside treasure hunt!! son, hubby and I went on a treasure hunt on Friday. I have been reading about sea glass and researching the beautiful jewelry made with these gems from the sea. I talked them into coming with me on my adventure.... let's see what we can find! Rich was not to excited about the whole thing... he loves the beach as do I, but summer time is his thing. He loves to skim-board and body surf. Going to the beach on a day that got to a high of about 40 deg. was not on his favorite "to do" list for sure. My dh just went with it....

Here are the fruits of our labor... we walked and talked and found a few interesting items. The large piece of green/black glass was found by Rich...he was soooo excited. Funny, just a few minutes before he seemed like he really would rather have stayed home! My dh found the aqua piece...what a lovely color.

We also came upon some pottery shards..... this was my "find of the day". Definitely looks old to me... the ware or patina of the surface indicates that it has been around for quite a while. I have a vase that belonged to my maternal grandmother that has the same type of age or wear on the surface and I know that to be at least 100 years old.
We enjoyed some together time as a family and had fun seeing what we could find. Upon leaving all I heard from the 15 year old was .... when are we coming back??!!

Here is what "Mom" made with one of the finds....
I'll be listing soon on my Etsy site.
This piece of sea glass found in upper Narragansette bay in Warwick RI has a wonderful patina and is all wrapped up in sterling silver.


Jamie said...

Ooh, how pretty! And sounds like so much fun...I wonder if the Mississippi River has any sea glass. LOL!

Creations by JAE

ChezChani said...

OHh that's pretty! Is it just me or is it odd to find pottery shards on the beach? I used to have a big bag of seaglass someone gave me (never found any of my own.) I wonder where it is...

Anonymous said...

Diane, I've always thought that would be so much fun.....I've only walked along a beach where I might have been able to find such things 1 time and that was years before I ever thought of beading. But someday I firmly plan on finding a way to vacation to a spot where beach glass "hunting" is at least possible...just think of the story you now have with each piece! (and can you really sell it all, or will at least one be part of your own jewelry collection)??? Teri

J. A. Colon said...

Simply beautiful.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hi Diane

Love your work. The jewellery you made with the sea glass is stunning. Looks like you and your fmily had a wonderful time.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.
All the best and love

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