Saturday, September 6, 2008

Other "artsy" endeavors...and Marketing tips

As I was rewriting my profile for my Etsy store, I gave some thought to sharing more about myself with my online family and visitors alike. Before my jewelry there was art... before my 30's or 20's...there was art. All my life I have drawn, painted, crocheted, made quilts, tatted, knitted and have tried various other mediums. Of all these, jewelry making is by far my favorite. I love the feeling of taking a mass of beads, gems and wire and making something that someone will proudly wear! There is nothing like hearing the "ooohh and ahhhs" of a satisfied customer.

Here are some other artsy creations....My room divider \ Photo display ~I painted the rose trellis freehand.

My Wedding album... I designed the album and painted each flower on paper individually then cut them out and arranged them on the photo page. Labor intensive...but I love it!

And glass painting... these goblets found a home with my Mom.

Marketing tip:
Never compete on price alone. If you do, there'll be no reason for customers to return if a competitor has a better deal. You need to offer added value, whether it's a strong guarantee or better customer service, or discounts to repeat customers... to draw customers permanently into the fold.


ChezChani said...

Very impressive. I wish I was artistic but I just am not. I'm crafty. I once took out a book on one stroke painting from the library. Forget it.

KimberlyRies said...

Love the painted wineglasses. Very nice! You are very talented at painting too!


Anna Lee said...

Hi Diane!
Another Donna Dewberry fan! I can hardly believe that we have so much in common. You know I got practically every One Stroke kit ever featured on our Shopping Channel... A girl could broke this way!

Oh and seriously luv, *you* really are a gem for mentioning me.
Anna Lee Husband
Oshawa, ON

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